Why Pure Air Quality is so Essential to our Bodies

Our environment bombards us with millions of airborne and surface particulates every day, everywhere! Most (99%) are microscopic, so you cannot even see them! The air quality in our home is constantly changing, as people open the door, walk inside with shoes and clothes that have been exposed to particulates, having pets move inside and outside, and people getting illnesses that are just a natural part of life... Read More

3 Easy Ways to Beat the Heat in the Coastal Bend Area

Have you been racking your brain trying to figure out how to stay cool? Well, you’re not alone. Here in Coastal Bend, everyone’s trying to find ways to avoid spending a ton on energy bills while also doing their best not to let the heat in their homes get too high. And it’s a tall task! Often, sacrificing AC usage in the name of saving money means it’s going to be extremely uncomfortable to even sit around at home, and blasting cold air all day comes with a spike in price when the bill comes in the mail each month.... Read More

Signs It Might Be Time to Replace the A/C Unit

After a few brief months of colder relief from the sweltering Texas heat, we’re zeroing in on the beginning of another infamous Coastal Bend summer. As the temperatures climb once again, so too will the usage of your A/C unit – and the last thing you want is for it to break when you need it most. There might be a few oddities you’ve noticed going on with it, but you figure, ‘Ah, it’s been doing this forever, I’ll just wait it out.’ And while that may be true, it’s also possible you could have a broken A/C on your hands when you can least afford it.... Read More