Properly functioning air conditioning is vital to keeping your Rockport, Texas, home comfortable during the summer. Air conditioning technology has advanced drastically in the past few decades. In addition to traditional window units and central air units, ductless mini-split air conditioning is becoming popular.

What Is Ductless Mini-Split Air Conditioning?

A ductless mini-split combines simplicity and ingenuity in cooling your home. An outdoor condenser pulls in air from outside. The air travels through a series of pipes as opposed to ductwork.

The indoor unit is mounted directly on the wall of each room that is being cooled. The units have their own thermostats, allowing you to customize the temperature in each room of the house.

This customizability is one of the reasons why ductless mini-splits are so popular. One person who does not like the heat can lower the temperature to meet their desires in one room, whereas another person can have a different climate in another room.

Ductless mini-splits can last for up to 15 years. They can be less expensive to install than traditional central air conditioning. Their sturdy design means that, in most cases, they are more dependable than cheap window units. Each ductless mini-split wall-mounted unit has its own air filter to purify the air brought into the room.

Minimal Energy Loss Leads to Cost and Energy Savings

In addition to adding to individual comfort, the ability to control the temperature on a room-by-room basis increases the energy and cost efficiency of a mini-split air conditioning unit. Your unit will only use the amount of energy needed to keep one room at a comfortable temperature. A central air conditioning unit must cool the entire house at once.

Energy loss is also reduced because ductless mini-splits do not use a large duct system. When a duct system is installed in the home, holes are made in the walls for its installation. With time, ductwork becomes loose, leading to large amounts of wasted energy.

With a ductless mini-split system, the piping that carries the conditioned air is just a couple of inches in diameter. If there are any leaks, somebody can quickly repair them.

Simple to Install

Compared to other commercial and residential HVAC systems, the simplicity with which mini-split ductless systems can be installed is one of their most appealing characteristics. The connection between the outdoor and indoor units is accomplished using a conduit that passes through a 3-inch hole in the wall.

Most mini-split manufacturing companies offer customers conduits of various lengths. This means it is possible to situate the outdoor unit up to 50 feet away from the indoor unit. A benefit of this is that you can install the compressor condenser unit on one side of your home while cooling rooms that are located on the other side of the home.

Flexibility For Interior Design Options

A mini-split AC system gives you a more comprehensive range of design options. The interior unit can be suspended from the ceiling or hung on a wall. You can select units that stand on the floor, allowing for flexibility in their placement. The majority of indoor air conditioning units are about seven inches deep. They have an attractive design with high-tech jackets, allowing them to blend into most residential and commercial spaces.

Noise Reduction

Modern models of mani-split units offer quiet operation. The fans in these units run at lower speeds than their predecessors. Still, they have the ability to provide optimal cooling in each zone. One of the benefits of a mini-split unit is that the compressor condenser is installed outside of the home or commercial building. This reduces the noise bleed indoors. Ductless mini-split units are known for their quieter, smoother operation when compared with traditional window or central AC units.

Improved Security

One of the things that most people don’t think about when it comes to installing ductless mini-splits is how they benefit the security of the home or commercial building they are installed in. Since the hole used for connecting the outside compressor with the indoor air handling unit is so small, it offers greater security than traditional air conditioning units installed in your walls or windows. It is relatively easy to dislodge a wall or window unit from the outside. This gives intruders the ability to enter the home or office quietly and undetected.

Reduced Maintenance

Larger traditional air conditioning units have more moving parts, which could mean an increased chance of breakdown. The compact size of a mini-split equates to a reduction in mechanical stress. The internal cooling unit can be removed or swapped out quickly, meaning little to no downtime. Servicing these units, much like their installation, is fast and easy. It is still a good idea to contact us at Sigwald Service Co. and have annual maintenance performed on the unit. However, the maintenance will take less effort, and you will return to enjoying cold air quickly.

Humidity Control

Since there is no ductwork, there is less moving air. This means less room for temperature changes. The result is reduced condensation and the ability to control internal humidity levels. This is important because the dryer the air, the cooler the room feels. Additionally, these units have a condensation bleed in the conduit. This means the unit does not need to be drained between cold and hot seasons.

Pest Control

Critters love ductwork. Whether it’s squirrels, mice, rats, or raccoons, they can use ductwork to enter a home from the outside. Additionally, mold and mildew can build up in the ductwork. Worse yet, with traditional AC systems, ants and termites can find their way into the home through the vents and build their colonies in your walls. These threats are all but eliminated with a mini-split ductless system.

Air Quality

Ductwork accumulates debris over time. It can build up wherever there is an uneven seam. Floor vents get things stacked on top of them, and ceiling vents can carry unpleasant odors from the kitchen and bathroom throughout the house. Anything that ends up in one vent will eventually travel to all the vents. A mini-split system upgrades the air quality by minimizing surface area and tightly sealing the access points between external and internal units.

Small But Packs a Powerful Punch

Because of their convenience, small size, and cost-effectiveness, mini-split air conditioning units are becoming the reliable air conditioning system of choice for many businesses and residential buildings. Some use mini-splits to replace the traditional HVAC system, whereas others use them to augment their traditional system.

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