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“Up until now, I've appreciated using Sigwald.
But no longer.
5 days ago our upstairs AC stopped working. A Sigwald technician arrived and identified a failed blower motor in a air handler that was installed by Sigwald within the past 6 months. So the motor is under warranty.
The technician said on Thursday that he should be able to get a motor from Corpus Christi on Friday and repair our unit. I had to call the technician on Friday afternoon to get an update and was told that there was no motor in Corpus Christi but there was one in Houston. He said shipping would be expedited but it would be Monday or Tuesday before it arrives. I called technician this morning, Monday, and now being told it might be Tuesday or Wednesday before it arrives.
Sigwald has made no attempts to come up with a faster solution. I asked technician if they could pull a motor from another unit and get my system working but the technician told me that they couldn't do that as it would void the warranty on the unit they pulled the motor from and that would be to costly for Sigwald.
Once I get this motor replacement complete, I will be looking for a new HVAC service provider”

– Britt S.