Our environment bombards us with millions of airborne and surface particulates every day, everywhere! Most (99%) are microscopic, so you cannot even see them!

The air quality in our homes is constantly changing, as people open the door, walk inside with shoes and clothes that have been exposed to particulates, have pets move inside and outside, and people get illnesses that are just a natural part of life.

Your home needs to be a haven that is as free as possible from pathogens, irritants, and volatile organic compounds. After all, the average person spends around 2/3 of their life inside of their home! Knowing you are breathing SAFE, PURE air should make you sleep in peace!!

Here is a list of possible pathogens and irritants:

  • Coronavirus
  • Pathogenic bacteria and viruses
  • Dust, mildew, pollen
  • Animal dander
  • Strong odors such as tobacco smoke and pet odors
  • Dangerous organic chemical compounds (Such as paint remover and flame retardants)

There are two systems that can be installed by Sigwald Service Co. that will improve your overall air quality:

Air purification filter within the air handler of your AC/Heat system.

This is installed within the existing AC/Heat system currently in your home. The medical studies that have been done on this filter are truly amazing!! The mechanism that occurs is like what happens in our atmosphere after a rain and lightning storm (oxidation and ionization, chemical changes that destroy that particle.) Ionized charges are sent into your home environment, attaching to bacteria, viruses, dust, and other unwanted, unhealthy particles that find their way into your home. This results in an unstable particle that “implodes” and ceases to exist. Of PARTICULAR interest has been its effect on Coronavirus that causes COVID. Three different medical studies showed an incredible decrease in the viral load in hospital settings, with and without the air purifier installed into the system!! Truly, peace of mind can be attained.

Complete 3-level air purification system

  • Filtration
  • Purification
  • Sterilization

This is the finest air quality system that can be installed in your home.

The system that Sigwald Service Co. carries is the only brand that accomplishes all of these objectives. It Is done at the time a new system is installed and consists of 3-parts.

First, A very thick filter where the air from your home enters the unit is the initial Obstacle, trapping symptom-causing germs, dust, pollen, mold, and dander. It Vastly improves the level of filtration achieved with existing filters in Systems (thin filters)

Second, the Purification Filter covered above further ionizes and oxidizes unwanted and unhealthy bacteria, viruses, VOCs, and odors.

Third, sterilization of your HVAC system is achieved by reducing biological contaminants at the source whenever the air is received after passing through this very thick and effective filter.

Clean Air Quality is being achieved and maintained most completely in today’s market.

Fortunately, with the new purification systems available on the market today, Sigwald Service Co. can help you maximize the potential your immune system faces constantly with the invasion of numerous, potentially harmful or irritating particles.

Protect yourself and those you love by investing in a new level of air quality inside your home or business. Breathing freely has now taken on new meaning with a new standard being available for our health, PURE, CLEAN AIR to breathe!

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