An air conditioner running at peak efficiency keeps everyone comfortable when the temperatures rise outdoors, so it is crucial to get it repaired right when a breakdown occurs. Because problems only seem to manifest when you need your AC the most, you’ll want someone competent to identify the problem and get your system up and running as quickly as possible. Finding a professional AC repair service can pay dividends on your investment and give you peace of mind as the heat and humidity climb during those long summer days. Let’s review five crucial benefits of using professional AC repair services like ours at Sigwald Service Co..

1. Professional AC Repair Technicians Have the Necessary Experience, Tools, and Training

One of the top benefits of using services like ours is that the work gets done by individuals trained to make repairs. That includes supervised work in the field and training that results in certifications to indicate proficiency with HVAC systems. Trained professionals understand how your home’s air conditioner works, making it easy to eliminate possibilities and isolate the damaged components.

A professional AC repair service will send their staff to your home with the tools needed to diagnose and fix the problem. You will not need to spend money equipping yourself for a DIY fix that could prove dangerous and even more costly in the long run, and you won’t waste time without cold air on a hot summer day while you make multiple trips to the hardware store. A professional AC repair service will also have parts on the vehicle or at the shop. If not, they’ll have access to specialty centers where they can get what is needed quickly.

Experience allows a professional technician to work with various AC products, from the newest mini-split designs to older central air systems. They can ask you the right questions to understand the problem, saving time while troubleshooting the breakdown. That means your AC can get running faster and furnishing relief sooner.

2. Professional AC Repair Services Provide Bonded, Insured, and Licensed Work

Professional AC repair services also provide customers with peace of mind by having their business and employees legally covered. To begin with, contractors must have a state license to perform HVAC work, including working on your broken air conditioner. This demonstrates that they have the required skills and training to work on your equipment. The company must also perform continuing education to maintain its licensing.

A bonded status is another aspect that a professional AC repair company will bring to you as a customer. This status indicates that they have a surety bond, something you can file a claim against if they fail to meet their obligations when working on your property. The surety company becomes responsible for completing the contract through financial compensation or hiring another contractor to finish the work. Construction and performance bonds cover customers and are repaid to the surety company in full by the repair service.

Professional AC repair services also bring insurance to the job site. General liability insurance protects your home against damages incurred during the work performed. Workers’ compensation insurance covers technicians injured while working at your home.

Your homeowner’s insurance will likely not cover any claims made by or because of unlicensed or uninsured contractors. A professional HVAC company will gladly supply you with proof of all these protections before repairs start.

3. Repairs From a Professional Repair Service Meet Industry and Safety Standards

When you hire a professional AC repair service like ours, you get highly-trained technicians performing repairs that meet or exceed industry standards. That means the repairs will return your air conditioner to a working state while avoiding damage to other HVAC components. A professional technician will verify that all wires are secure and moving parts are lubricated when needed. They will calibrate controls and run the air conditioner so they know it operates correctly. Due to their experience and training, professional technicians will also spot other issues during the repair, allowing you to address these before future breakdowns occur.

Using a professional repair service helps ensure that new parts get installed correctly, which is necessary for warranties to be honored if the component malfunctions later. If new equipment breaks down, the manufacturer’s coverage might require a licensed professional to perform repairs in order for the coverage to remain valid. A professional AC repair service can also help install the right parts during repair work, as off-brand components will usually negate the air conditioner’s warranty.

Local and national codes exist to help protect you and your home. AC repair services like ours will make repairs that meet these standards. Work performed to code can provide optimal climate control, efficient operation, and reliable home safety.

4. Work Done by a Professional Repair Service Can Improve Your Air Conditioning

Another benefit of professional repairs is that the technician can fix other problems while addressing the breakdown. Our technicians often find other fixable issues while repairing the component preventing the AC from working.

For example, let’s say a client had been working around the house and bumped the thermostat. Since then, they had noticed the air conditioner continuously turning on and off, known as short cycling. A professional service tech comes to the home and recalibrates the thermostat. In the process, they also inspect the housing, only to find the short cycling has caused ice buildup that melted, leaving water below. In addition, the filters are dirty. This thermostat repair would also result in changing filters that had not been replaced since the fall and the removal of pooled water at the unit’s base.

A home AC repair can also provide a chance to upgrade. What if that thermostat from the example above was worn-out and no longer made? A newer thermostat could provide better temperature detection and more climate control options than the client had with the older design.

AC repairs done by a professional service could make your air conditioner run more efficiently. Moving parts like fans on outside condenser units can wear down over time. A fan might start screeching as it nears total breakdown, but it would probably function less than optimally for quite a while prior to utter failure. Once repaired, the unit will stop making horrible noises, and it should pull heat from the refrigerant more efficiently than before.

5. Using a Professional AC Repair Service Can Extend the Working Life of Your Equipment

Repairs from a professional AC service can keep components from overworking, causing premature breakdowns and shortening the system’s operating life span. Something like a refrigerant leak can cause your air conditioner to work harder to compensate for the lack of colder air. It can also damage condensation coils as they freeze over. Repairing the leak will reduce damage from freezing, prevent water pooling in the housing after it melts, and lower the workload on fans trying to keep the air at target temperatures.

We Can Help With Your HVAC Needs

Our highly-trained technicians can provide these benefits and more for your air conditioner and you. Not only do we handle repairs, but we can also install new AC components and perform maintenance to keep your home comfortable during the dog days of summer. Keeping you cool is only part of the HVAC equation; we can also perform the same quality repairs, maintenance, and installations on your heater. Contact us at Sigwald Service Co. today for any residential HVAC needs you may have in Rockport or the surrounding areas, and see how our services can benefit you!

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