The biggest contributors to poor indoor air quality are stuffy rooms, indoor pets, and poor ventilation. Poor indoor air quality leads to extreme discomfort, sometimes resulting in breathing problems and general health hazards. Therefore, it’s important to ensure that your house’s air quality is maintained and improved daily. This blog will discuss the benefits of maintaining good indoor air quality (IAQ).

1. Improves Brain Activity and Productivity

You know that feeling, when you’re in a stuffy room and slowly start to lose concentration, become sleepy, or have a headache? That’s often caused by prolonged exposure to particulate matter, carbon gasses, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). These pollutants can affect your cognitive functioning depending on your age or underlying health conditions. When exposed to low-quality air for long, the air pollutants will lower the oxygen concentration in your blood and brain. This can translate to slow learning, low memory retention, and other cognitive defects.

On the other hand, exposure to fresh air increases the oxygen supply to your brain. This heightens your alertness and memory retention, making you livelier. If you live in Rockport, TX, you can contact our team to help you improve your indoor air quality. Whether you’re at work or home, our IAQ experts are only one phone call away.

2. Improves Comfort

Smoking, cooking, painting, and using different chemicals indoors reduces your indoor air quality. Tobacco, for example, contains different pollutants with varying effects on the body. Besides having carcinogenic properties, tobacco smoke particles can irritate sensitive organs like your eyes and nose, causing you discomfort. Dust, pollen, and other outdoor pollutants can also cause discomfort, such as sneezing and shortness of breath.

All these discomforts can be avoided by maintaining good air quality. While opening the window can help, it also exposes you to dust and outdoor pollutants. However, a well-installed HVAC system works very effectively, with minimal to no exposure to any pollutants. You can contact our Rockport, TX, experts to get it installed affordably. In addition to installation, our staff is also well trained in other modern techniques that can be used to help improve your indoor air quality.

3. Improves System’s Efficiency

HVAC units comprise different components that work harmoniously to clean your indoor air and regulate heat. Poor indoor air quality from excess pollutants results in clogged filters, which lowers your unit’s efficiency. On the other hand, if the air inside your space is clean, the machine will work better and have a longer lifespan since the filters won’t require routine cleaning often.

The same thing applies to your heat exchanger, which is responsible for regulating indoor temperature. High dust and other debris concentrations can form a layer over the heat exchanger, making it inefficient. This can be avoided if your indoor air is clean.

4. Reduces Respiratory Infections

If your indoor air quality is bad, it means your ventilation isn’t functioning appropriately. Stagnant air can harbor different pollutants ranging from pet dander to viruses and bacteria. With such airborne triggers in your indoor space, it’s easy to develop respiratory challenges such as sneezing and asthma attacks.

Bad-quality air is even more hazardous to smaller children, the elderly, and those with allergies since their lungs are more volatile. You can protect your loved ones by hiring our experts to install HVAC systems or help improve your indoor air quality.

5. Strengthens the Immune System

Phagocytes and lymphocytes assist your body in recognizing and handling disease-causing viruses and bacteria. When exposed to pollutants like dust, VOCs, and molds, they inflame your lungs and airways, limiting your body’s ability to protect itself. For the elderly and other high-risk individuals, extended exposure to pollutants in low IAQ environments can trigger serious allergic reactions.

Besides causing inflammation, your body releases cortisol when you don’t get sufficient sleep. Cortisol is a stress hormone that lowers your body’s immunity, consequently lowering your body’s defense against infections. However, when you’re in a well-aerated space, your body will function optimally. Exposure to high-quality IAQ helps maintain a healthy lung environment, thereby increasing your respiratory system’s immunity.

6. Elevates Sleep Quality

Pollutants like mold spores, dust, and fur significantly lower indoor air quality. You’ll start experiencing irritation, sneezing, and coughing when exposed to them. Such allergic reactions can disrupt your sleep cycle and ruin your sleep quality. Also, you’ll have difficulty falling asleep if your indoor space has high humidity. You will wake up drenched in sweat because the high humidity limits sweat evaporation.

However, if you’re in a house with good IAQ, you’ll sleep better because there’ll be low humidity and fewer pollutants in the air. Fresh air circulation will remove fur and other allergens that cause sneezing and irritation. Furthermore, your body will have sufficient oxygen to function optimally.

7. Increases Property Value

With rising concerns about allergies and other respiratory illnesses, many people are becoming increasingly aware of how their living environment affects their health and wellness. As such, many tenants and home buyers seek houses that offer a healthy environment. They often prefer homes with HVAC systems to keep the air clean and ventilated. Wellness-focused buyers understand that poor IAQ causes many health problems, especially for toddlers and the elderly.

When selling your house, you should highlight the unique advancement features available, including third-party certifications and HEPA filters, among others. These features demonstrate to potential clients that your home has a high IAQ. You can attract many buyers and get a good price for your property if you’ve invested in a good HVAC unit that guarantees high IAQ.

8. Reduces Humidity

Do you sometimes feel like your house is stuffy and damp? If so, it’s probably because your house isn’t properly ventilated. Activities like cooking and drying your laundry indoors increase your indoor humidity level. Molds, bacteria, and other harmful microorganisms thrive in humid environments. These microorganisms can worsen your air quality by releasing allergens which cause respiratory complications.

You can remedy this by hiring Sigwald Service Co. experts to install an HVAC system for you. If you already have one installed, our dedicated team will thoroughly inspect your house and check everything from your ventilation to other lesser-known moisture sources. They will help you pinpoint the factors contributing to high indoor humidity and offer appropriate solutions.

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It is apparent by now that high indoor air quality is a must-have. Besides its numerous health benefits, it also has financial benefits. If you want to sell your house, having a well-maintained HVAC system can guarantee a good price. If you are around Rockport, TX, and require any assistance with your HVAC unit or general air quality improvement, then our professionals can help. We take pride in the fact that we’ve been offering outstanding HVAC services for over four decades. Some of our other services include heating controls and cooling systems, and we also have financing options for our stuck clients. We are never comfortable until our clients are. Contact Sigwald Service Co. today and get value for your money with our services.

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